The Scenic Route to a Healthier Exotic Pet Bird

Thank you for entrusting Scenic to the health and well-being of your bird! For nearly 4 decades, our researched-based formulations and feeding protocols have served the nutritional needs of exotic caged birds.

We believe in feeding protocols that incorporate Scenic with fruits and vegetables. Although our foods are a complete diet and can be fed alone, the addition of fruits and vegetables provide variety for your bird. Scenic foods can also be soaked in fruit juice or water without losing their shape or disintegrating, a great option for picky, impaired, or sick parrots.

We understand that owners' birds come from a variety of different seed-based or pelleted diets. Most birds will accept our foods. Our research proves that even the most ardent "seed lover" will eat the appropriate amount of Scenic when our feeding and conversion protocols are followed.

  • Conversion

    Scenic conversion protocol for transitioning a bird from seeds or another brand pellet.

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  • Standard

    Scenic plus fruits and vegetables. This is our standard feeding protocol once your bird has converted to Scenic.

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  • Soft Food

    Scenic soaked in fruit juice or water. This is an exceptional way to entice a picky parrot or when feeding impaired or sick birds.

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