Soft Food Protocol

Scenic Bird Food can be soaked in fruit juice or water without losing its shape! This is one of our favorite food attributes because it allows you to feed your bird in fun unique ways or help transition them to our foods.

We've tested Scenic foods in water for over 5 days and it has never lost its shape or disintegrated. Our food can be dunked, soaked, mashed, or reshaped like a dough.

Some birds like to dunk their food in water and some birds are picky eaters! Some birds may just need help transitioning to our healthy foods. Try soaking and shaping Scenic in order to bring fun and versatility to your bird's diet.


Soak Scenic Bird Food in lukewarm water, juice, or broth for 3 to 5 minutes. The morsel will absorb the water and float without losing its shape. Remove the morsel from water and pat dry. It will feel like a sponge! This soft food can then be fed to your bird right away or read below about reshaping the food.


Reshaping the food can give you creative new ways to present Scenic bird food with fruits, and vegetables. Manipulate the morsels like dough by molding them with your fingers.


Once you have the dough, you insert or top it on your bird's favorite fruits and vegetables. This is a great technique for birds that are picky or transitioning from other foods.


Instead of shaping, you can also take the soaked morsels and mash them with a fork to create a crumble that can then be spread over your bird's fruits and vegetables. The perfect topper for your bird's meal!

Contact us for help feeding or transitioning your bird!