Conversion Protocol

Welcome and thank you for choosing Scenic! The following conversion guideline is intended for birds that are transitioning from a traditional seed diet or another brand's pelleted food to Scenic Bird Food. Most birds will accept our foods when this protocol is followed. Please reach out to us with any questions!
  • Daily

    Always provide fresh water and fruits and vegetables in a separate dish every day. If you are not currently feeding fruits and vegetables to your bird, this would be a good time to start.

  • Days 1 - 3

    Introduce Scenic in a separate cup away from the old food. Expect your bird to nibble at Scenic in small portions as it gets used to seeing and interacting with it.

  • Days 3 - 7

    Observe your bird's daily intake of Scenic. After a few days of progress, start reducing the amount of the old food to about half as your bird begins eating Scenic more fully.

  • Days 7 - 10

    When you are positive that your bird is eating Scenic, you can reduce the old food to very little or nothing at all. At this point you can follow our standard feeding protocol.

    Standard Protocol 

Tips for Success

  • Always keep Scenic in a separate dish away from the old food.
  • Try restricting fruits and vegetables in the afternoon to encourage your bird to eat more Scenic.
  • The goal is to encourage your bird to eat Scenic but slowly reducing the old food intake.
  • If you notice your bird drinking more water with Scenic, this is normal!
  • Scenic should be at least ½ the diet of food your bird eats (by volume) on a daily basis following our standard feeding protocol.

Picky Parrot?

Check out our soft food protocol for a unique way to introduce Scenic to entice picky parrots or when rehabilitating sick or impaired birds.

Contact us for help feeding or transitioning your bird!